Purification and Blessing Tradition

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Melukat is a traditional Hindu Balinese ceremony to purify the mind and soul of the human body. The word Melukat comes from Sulukat, with “Su” means good and “lukat” means purification. Together, Melukat is to purify oneself and achieve happiness.

Melukat ceremony is unique. It is conducted today by Balinese Hindu for many generations. There are three levels of Melukat; the normal level is performed daily, with the middle and high levels performed on days chosen from the Balinese calendar.

During the Melukat ceremony, the purifying process removes bad afflictions from the body known as “klesa”, which means dirty. There are : “Awidya”, which is the darkness of the soul from perceiving themselves as smart, rich, noble, beautiful or handsome. “Asmita” is egoist. “Dwesa” is hatred and revenge. “Abhiniwesa” is fear of ending. “Raga” is desire. The Hindu Balinese consider you will go through a dirty life if any of these afflictions dominate your life.

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