About Us


Do you want to feel Experience the wall-less enviroment and volunteer vacation, create Learning and volunteer program with (Bali Sibetan Volunteer & Learning Center / BSVLC). It’s just about a new experience with learning in wall less, natural environmen and volunteer activities to disadvantaged communities and increase tourism as the empowerment of local communities in determining the future. You and the local community are encouraged in a situation and conditions as required by the local environment.
That means that with BSVLC, you’re just going to do a meaningful learning in wall less, natural environmen and volunteers.
We make the most of your time: Do you only have a week during the winter holidays, the entire summer, or anything in between, we have a solution volunteer vacation experience that is right for you. We only organize with small grup learning in wall less, natural environmen and volunteer vacations because we are responsibility with taking care of quality program.­­
More than any other volunteer vacation, what you get with BSVLC is full of experiences. Our program is managed by local people who understand the needs of the community and how you can help.
When you begin learning in wall less, natural environmen and volunteer vacation with BSVLC, you will have the opportunity to work together to inspire and to encourage each other , and enrich your life and the lives of others! Education & Dedicated!
Here is what is included of program : accommodation in Home Stay ,healthy food home, cultural activities deep, domestic transportation, learn local languages, learn balinese painting, learn balinese dance, make offering balineseceremony,, yoga beginner, opportunities for cultural exchanges, and unrivaled expertise of the staff in our country local people.
Learning in wall less, natural environmen and volunteer adventure of a lifetime is closer than you think. Contact us by email today to speak with an experienced Program Specialist and start planning holiday travel experience with BSVLC – your family in Bali.