Welcome to Sibetan Village.

Sibetan Village is one of the interesting place when you come to Bali Island. There are many  interesting villagers activities that you can see here. The activities of the villagers are  diverse such as farming, making  offering, salak gardening and holding religious ceremonies.

Sibetan village is also known as the center of salak plantation in Bali. Salak plantation area reaches 80 percent, 10 percent of rice fields and housing population 10 percent of the village area.

Judging from topography, sibetan village is located at an altitude of 375 to 1200 above sea level. Supporting by the object of attractions that offer beautiful views of the hills with fresh air makes Sibetan Village more Beautiful.

In addition to having a beautiful nature, sibetan village is also a village that has historical value in the reign of I Gusti Ngurah Mantu. He was a wise King. He built his kingdom at Sibetan Village. In there, you can see some relics of I Gusti Ngurah Mantu. He also made the temple arrangement in Sibetan village exactly the same as the mother temple besakih. Therefore Sibetan is also known by the term “Padma Kuncup Besakih”

With all my respect, I invite you to visit Sibetan Village.

By visiting  Sibetan Village, please  remember BSVLC – your family in Bali